I Am NOT Just An Art Groupie!

Recently someone referred to me as “just an Art Groupie“.  I AM NOT! I am an Artist, I am a Painter, I am a Photographer, I am a student…. I am so much more.  I felt incredibly insulted and angry.

Because of how I felt about being called an “art groupie“, I could not help venting and complaining to some of my friends.  My friends had a different way of looking at it, one which I have now happily adopted.

I now believe that being an “Art Groupie” is a good thing to be.  My new definition of “Art Groupie” is; someone who lives and breathes Art, someone who constantly hangs out in galleries and museums, lives to study art, and is constantly creating.  Sadly, I still do not view myself as an “Art Groupie“, however it is something that I now want to strive to be.

Sometimes it is not only good to turn a negative into a positive but it can also be beneficial to complain and vent to one’s friends. It can also be a beneficial practice to step back from a situation and attempt to find several new perspectives from which to view it.  This can be true no matter if it is a physical situation, or a comment, or whatever, but especially when it is bothersome.



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2 Responses to I Am NOT Just An Art Groupie!

  1. denise says:

    Interesting perspective, Amanda. Isn’t it strange that the word groupie has a negative, dismissive connotation? Replace that term with connoisseur or other such word and suddenly the practice of creating / enjoying / appreciating art is a positive.

    • The practice of creating / enjoying / appreciating art should be a positive thing.
      There are way too many negatives in life, I prefer to find the positives even if that means that I need to change my ideas or way of thinking.

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