Artist Statment

Amanda Predmore……..


I am a Lifelong resident of Sussex County and currently a student at Sussex County Community College where I am studying Studio Fine Arts and Fine Art Photography. Although my photography is more literal, I prefer to work completely abstract while painting. I love to experiment with every medium as well as with combining them.

I often describe what I do when creating as playing. This is really a very over simplified description. It is only playing in as much as when a young child is playing he is really learning through trial and error, watching and imitating others, experimenting with his own ideas, and expanding on already known abilities, all while finding great enjoyment in the process. I believe that every experience no matter how trivial it might seem has an influence in a person’s life, even if it is not readily apparent. I try to pay attention to this and draw inspiration from it. Sometimes I only become aware of this in my own life when I see how my work has changed or is changing.

My work was included in the 2008, 2009, and 2010 Sussex County Community College Student Fine Art Show and has been included in private collections of some Sussex County Community College faculty, as well as the private collections of family, and friends. I designed the squadron patch for the former Sussex Skylands Composite Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol. My work was also featured in my high school yearbook.

In June 2011 I will have a solo show at the SCCC Art Gallery.


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